At the beginning of 1997, Altın Çelik Kapı started to operate in steel door sector. At the end of the same year, he opened his first showroom on Bursa Yeşil Street with an understanding representing a first in the exhibition sector. Our company, which started to sell steel door materials in 1998 with its devoted works, also realized the production of steel doors in a modest workshop in the same year.

With the support and interest of our valued customers,
Altın Çelik Kapı has shown a rapid development in manufacturing and material sales and accelerated its production with its 45 personnel in 2000 m2 closed area with a total area of 4000 m² before the end of 1998.

Our company, which realized its first export to Nigeria at the end of 1999 and started to produce steel doors in Iran in the same year, opened its steel door showroom in Azerbaijan. Our company, which exports to Iraq, Oman and Sudan, continues to sell steel doors and materials abroad with an increasing speed.

In recent years, as a result of economic and social changes to increase, to meet the needs of people to be safe in their homes; aesthetics and safety to provide you with an economical mix. With its unique door designs, friendly sales team, installation and after-sales service provided 7/24, our company always sees the attention and support it deserves from you and hopes that it will continue to see the same interest and support from now on.

Honest, faithful to the word, quality is not an advertising tool, people's right to work with our understanding of what we produce before you like ourselves and satisfied that our next customer is a voluntary reference to our next customer, we have adopted our mission to serve you. We love our job. With this approach; rapid development, continuing thereafter up to now we have shown not only to Turkey, we aim to reach the entire world.

We believe that the principles we adopt are correct and that these principles will lead us to all our goals and that you will always be on our side.

Our mission; Our company is proud of being within the body of Altın Çelik Kapı, which has always been a pioneer in the sector and with our solution oriented approaches, we are respectful to human and nature, to improve ourselves constantly and to provide customer satisfaction oriented products and services.

Our vision; In our rapidly developing and changing world, our country proudly represents, as one of the industry's leading model and pioneering organizations to carry our long-term experience to future generations.


It is our duty to serve you without forgetting that our satisfied customers are the voluntary references of our next customers by admiring ourselves and our products that we produce with our understanding of quality as an advertising tool and not the right of people. We believe that we will achieve our goals in line with the principles we have adopted and that you will be with us.