Quality Management


Altın Çelik Kapı; develops its employees with a human-oriented approach and adopts the company culture that considers quality awareness and questioning perspective in every activity. Provides continuous improvement with the goal of competitiveness in order to provide world-class service. It fulfills its social responsibilities and produces in a way to support the use of sustainable natural resources.


As Altın Çelik Kapı management and employees; We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction and to satisfy our stakeholders and society.

In this context, our objectives;

  • To apply our quality management system in all units without compromising product and service quality.
  • To cooperate with our customers and business partners within the scope of full and timely shipment and reasonable price policies.
  • Providing appropriate technology and infrastructure in addition to the conscious participation of our employees while carrying out our activities.
  • To comply with all laws and regulations that must be obeyed while carrying out all our activities and to realize the environmental demands of our customers.
  • To provide a suitable working environment by eliminating the conditions that will adversely affect worker health and safety.


To achieve the goal of reducing work accidents to zero; We improve the health and safety conditions of our employees and ensure the participation of all employees in occupational safety related activities.

In this context, our objectives;

  • To organize the construction and controls of fire-appropriate installations and to follow the technological developments in order to eliminate the hazards and risks.
  • To make working conditions ergonomic, to make plans against emergencies and to organize the implementation of the plans.
  • To closely follow the requirements of legal regulations and fulfill all obligations in the field of occupational safety.
  • Determining risks before and after accidents and taking risk assessments and taking action to prevent recurrence of risks.
  • To make announcements, speeches, trainings, exercises and presentations in order to raise the awareness of employees on occupational safety.


Altın Çelik Kapı management and employees as our duty; is to reduce and prevent the negative impacts on the environment with the principle of continuous improvement in all our activities.

In this context, our objectives;

  • To comply with environmental laws, regulations and other relevant provisions, to fulfill the environmental demands of our customers.
  • Preventing industrial pollution in all our activities, minimizing pollution at source, keeping our wastes under control and encouraging recovery by minimizing.
  • To keep the consumption of natural resources (electricity, water, raw materials, fuel, etc.) under control and to turn to natural resources that have the least negative impact on the environment.
  • Organizing trainings in order to raise environmental awareness, informing related parties and sharing with local people.
  • To take measures to minimize the effects on employees and the environment in case of emergency and accidents that may occur during our activities.


As Altın Çelik Kapı management and employees; We strive to add value to stakeholders, reliability, innovation, ethics and continuous improvement.

In this context, our objectives;

  • Comply with all laws and regulations that must be complied with in our activities, manage information security violations and prevent recurrences.
  • To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all information assets in our Company.
  • To establish the necessary technological infrastructure for the prevention of security breaches, to ensure the functionality and sustainability of this infrastructure.
  • To manage information security risks in accordance with corporate risk management, to identify and manage information security risks for this purpose.
  • To carry out activities to raise awareness of our employees' information security and to follow developments on current threats and good practices.

78 mm body thickness (+16 mm)

4 pcs steel pins connected to central locking system

5 cm openable concealed safety clamp

Safety lock for easy locking from inside

21-point central locking from 4 levers protected by shock-resistant steel cylinder shield

Special barrel system that cannot be copied without permission

Latch for central locking from inside

Movable upper and lower steel pins connected to central locking system

Rockwool providing sound and heat insulation

Sight binoculars and rammers for 180 degree viewing

Impact resistant trapezoidal twisted vertical support plate

Steel pins and slots connecting the steel door from the rear to the 5-point frame

Hinge matching the color of the accessory that connects the steel door to the chassis from 3 points

MDF and wood veneer (with rich color and pattern options)

Rubber gasket to prevent dust, wind, noise and pest entry (optional)